Wednesday, March 4, 2009

On time

Had a long day last night and slept rather late. So, I got up a bit late this morning and in my mind, I thought I was screwed cos it takes nearly two hours to brave
the traffic to work.I am still manning the desk after swapping the work schedule with a co-worker. No issues on that cos eight hours
of work can just melt like an ice-cream under the hot sun.To manage my travel time on the road, I was told that the Subang exit on the NKVE highway is one alternative.
This means, getting on the ELITE highway and slowly making my way to the exit.Toll charges are at RM2.30 and the link to my workplace is next to the MAS training centre. In less than 12
minutes, I reached the toll exit and the entire journey took about 55 minutes. I actually stopped at a petrol station near the toll for about 10-minutes. So, the actual travel time is shorter than
the usual.This means, I left my house at 7:30am and arrived at the office around 8:15. Not bad and if I leave home at
7:00am, I may arrive before 8:00. There is a small price to pay and way I see it, its worth it. No stress on the road with the traffic jam. Alternately,
this would be the detour if I get up late.
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