Monday, March 9, 2009

Customer service

Customer service.Apparently, non-existant here in our country. Sad but true. I guess this is the curse in any service orientated
industry especially the retail line. On Sunday, a co-worker and I went to a nearby mall for lunch. There was a game store on the second-level, so,
we decided to check it out. Prices are ridiculous and well, customer service was non-existant. The owner of the shop was playing his game
console and couldn't even be bothered to attend his customers.This is not new, because the same person is also a retard who co-owned the main branch of the game store in
Cineleisure. In the light of the present economic situation, its a buyer's market. If a salesman gives attitude and lousy service -
he will lose a customer. So, with a vast majority of retail outlets like that in the Klang Valley facing the crunch. I won't have any sympathy to
those buggers who have to shut down because their customer service is crap.
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