Thursday, March 12, 2009

A kick in the groin..

There's many reasons for me to love my aunt Lorraine.
She raised me from an infant and I lived with her till I got married. This is one fiesty woman and well, since she's in her mid-70s, every moment spent with her is golden.
I rang her up today to catch up with her and asked if she had seen a police report I made 9 years ago. It was for my lost passport.
"Ah! I threw it away. You don't need it anymore," she said. My heart immediately sank when I heard that. I told her that the document was to support my application for a new US Visa.
"Aiya, the US Government don't need that old report anymore lah. After all, you got your new passport already what!," she added.
At this point, I don't whether to laugh of cry. I told the old lady that it doesn't matter what she thinks because the
US Government wanted black and white on how I lost my passport.
So, the daunting task now, is to locate a copy of the report and start everything from scratch again.
My fear is that the lost passport with my type 'I' US visa (10 years multiple entry) was used by some terrorist or enemy of the US for illegal purposes.
But seeing as it is, 10 years had nearly passed and no news of any abuse of the missing travel document...
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