Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Going global..

Aaahhh... The internet.. A place of convergence for techies, foodies and wierdos. Michelle had emailed me a link from Singapore called http://www.shiok.com/ this morning.
It featured an article of mine with a little 'extra'.They lifted it from Star on-line and added four sentences which took away the entire meaning from the original heading that goes: "piping hot bowl of noodles".
The smart assed webmaster added "with a let down" because I mentioned about foreign workers washing their plates and utensils by the roadsite.
Once you changed it, the entire meaning changes as well. So much for responsible journalism. Oh, anyways, I don't expect too much from Singaporeans.
Affiliated to Asia One (this belongs to the Singapore Press Holdings), this food domain has a host of makan place in the island republic.
I guess with the widespread coverage of my 'Food Trail' column, I have to get ready for more brick bats from folks abroad as well as outside the Klang Valley.
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