Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What the???!!!!

How did a mini cooper - priced at USD$19,500 (RM76K) a pop, can go on the road for RM180K?The Gods must be laughing at our vehicle duty and sales tax. Even a visiting friend from the UK where the mini is
made laughed his guts off when he heard the price."You guys must be mad!", he chimed. Anyone who is a average wage earner in his or sane mind - would not
spend RM180K for an imported car such as the mini.Again, this is opened to intrepretation and way I see it, the mini, a common car in the UK and Europe, is priced
ridiculously. Only drug dealers, pimps and corrupt buggers can afford this - if they live long enough to enjoy it. Meanwhile we,
the minions can only watch from a distance as a mini zooms by with the drug dealer and his cheeka inside it.
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