Monday, March 2, 2009

Okay, bring in the fakes!

Well, whaddaya know? The internet has paved way to a new breed of on-line journalists and well, a distress
message was sent out by a 'well-known' public relations practitioner about 'fake media' people.The email was linked to a blog - and I found this weblog to be very
entertaining.There is such a thing as folks posing as reporters attending functions. The goal? A free meal and perhaps some
freebies at the end of the day.So, how to they make up with all the rakings? They posted their 'coverage' of the event on their blog sites.
Amazing! For the unlucky few who were exposed, I guess they really-really wanted to be a journalist. This also puts the PR practitioners in a bad light because they could not kick out any imposters who signed up
for their event. The only way to curb such abuse - is to demand for their media acredidation which is issued by the Information
Ministry. On-line journos for mainstream medias and foreign wire services are issued with this as proof of
employment.I am not sure about bloggers and well, 'fake media' folks because if they really want to, they can make a fake
media accredidation card with today's inkjet technology.. Hahahah!
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