Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bad call..

Wow! I must say that fools do the darnest things.Word had it that an upstart was promoted to the ranks of an Editor to run the oldest newspaper in the country's weekend section.After two years? Whoah! They never learn from their mistakes. And for a publishing house that is doing like 90K copies on a daily basis, their circulation is dwindling.I received this shocking news from a mutual acquaintance who still hangs out at the establishment. Its been a year since I turned my back on the old workplace and things are certainly going from back to worse.Who is this upstart? Well, things certainly happen in a funny way. Some years back, I saw this woman who looked familiar. She used to study in the same class as I did back in art school.As a matter of fact, this aloof character was the school mate with a girl whom I used to date. So much for chance! With penchant for literary, I'd say that she had a head-start. The world as it seems, is a small place. This woman hooked up with my ex-boss, a lady who was given the mandate to run the publication's feature desk by a dictator who is the current nation leader's business proxy.And they ran their own fifedom till everyone in the clan left. For political reasons of course. I've never seen a person rise from an ordinary reporter to editor in a span of three years. That's the oldest newspaper in the country for you! I wish her all the best and luck as there are plenty of pages to be filled. If she does not collapse with a stroke in a year or two, then its all smooth sailing...
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