Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another soggy day..

When it rains, it pours.I went home last night and crashed after having my dinner. From now on, its salad and wholemeal bread. To my
surprise, I found my meal rather filling. And I cheated of course! My mother in-law dropped a pack of Chinese roasted pork on the dining table and well, after a coupla nibbles, it
was empty.So, technically-speaking, my dinner was meat and greens. I made my last sandwich today and supplies has
been depleted. After a quick lunch, I'd probably head off to the nearest supermarket to replenish my greens as well as some
salad dressing.Seems that the creamy ones goes well, while the italian and french dressings were too sour. Vinegar, it seems,
is not good if you consume it in large quantity.Back at home, I need to correct my boy because he marked his territory on our dining table. Each morning, I can
see a puddle of pee and when I raised my voice, the pooch walked way its his ears swept back.Mrs Samo will be furious to see that her favourite eating spot has been marked with the boy's urine... *ugh!*
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