Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today is one of those days. I left home without realising that my cellphone was left on the coffee table. Not that I get calls that often, but its the
tool that I use for work.I've organised a dinner for a buddy of mine from Melbourne tonight, so, he might ring up at the last minute to get
hold of me.The arrangements have been made to host him and his family and some food. I also asked my neighbour, who is
also my old schoolmate to pass the message around.Within minutes, of the guys rang up to get me to reschedule the dinner. I told him to fuck off. If he can't make it, he
can have dinner with our mutual friend on another date. These days, I don't bend over for other people so that they can fit their schedule. Fuck them! If they can't even
make it for a simple meal, its too bad. And I am not expecting a big crowd. Half the guys are the ones I dread to meet. So, with that said, I hope things
will go down smooth tonight.
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