Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singapore run

Klang Bak Kut Teh in Beach Road?

Dinner in Gelang Patah

Baghdad street off Beach Road

Tangkak Beef noodles

Me and Lawrence at a taxi stand in North Bridge Road

There goes another weekend.. Yeah, Saturday was a full-day. I sent Michelle to the airport and shot straight home after that. She was bound for
Texas in the US and its a bitch to sit in an airplane for 25 hours. My day was rigged for a short trip to Singapore. This was planned with my buddies Lawrence Leong and Ah
Pan. They came by my house at 10am and our plan was to reach Singapore at 3pm.While we were on the road, I suggested a pit-stop at Seremban for beef noodles, but Ah Pan had a better
suggestion - head to Tangkak, Johore.This is a well-known makan place and our destination was a shop where everybody goes. We overshot the town
due to Ah Pan's bad directions and lucky for us, the NUVI 660 GPS system had the noodle shop marked as a
point of interest.After we found the place, we had a really good lunch. Ah Pan paid for it and we packed a few boxes of beef
jerky. With Tuas in sight, we cleared the Second Link CIC without much hassle. The drive to Singapore's downtown
business area took about 20-minutes.Our first stop was Camper's Corner. I need to claim my Chaco sandals which was sent in late last year for
replacement. Lawrence went shopping for shoes and other outdoor gear while Ah Pan bought some drinking bottles for his
friend farmer Wong.Later, we shot off to Beach Road and checked out the tacklestores and a mandatory pit stop at Mustaffa's in
Serangoon road. We went back to Campers to settle the bill and I made a mandatory visit to the Marketplace to stock up on my
large Campbell's soup.After that, we took off to Tuas and had dinner in Gelang Patah. Checked out a new place called Chua Kee. The
fare was so-so and what we found to be palatable there was the hor chien and sliced pork.The total time spent on the road was about 8 hours with 6 hours to spare in Singapore.
I've been doing this for some years and well, I guess with the Singapore Dollar at a staggering rate of RM2.45 per $1.00, there'll be less and less daytrip to this island republic...

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