Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lunch hour standoff

My lunch

Location of the stall

The photo I snapped, which was said to be 'controversial'

I made a bee-line at a food outlet near the city centre this afternoon.My colleagues were with me having lunch at a curry fish head joint. The food was not bad and our bill came to a
staggering RM84.
That covers the main dish - fish head, two plates of chicken and vegetables. It was a filling meal and by the time we got back to the car, two guys approached me.
One of them asked why I snapped some photos of the place. I told him that it was for my personal use. Then, he said that I took pictures of a government building.
"Hah? Apa ni? Saya ambik gambar kedai mamak, bukan pejabat kerajaan!," I said (I snapped photos of the food outlet, not any government building".
Since I don't know the guy or where he came from, I brushed him off. I told him that there's nothing sensitive in the shots I took.
Responding to my reply, the man said that there were some government folks there. I told him that I don't give two fucks about them.
I didn't back out from the standoff, nor did I reveal my identity. Its on a need to know basis and the way things were handled, it was very sloppy.
On the way out, I saw a Deputy Minister's vehicle parked by the roadside. He must have told the guy to apprehend me. Fuck him!
I wasn't there to ruffle his feathers. Just an ordinary guy having lunch. Way I see it, its abuse of power.
There's now Law stating that I cannot snap a shot of a building in a public place. So, this politician may have overreacted.
I just walked away from the scene and hoped that this retardwill be flushed out like a piece of
turd in a toilet bowl.

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