Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Foreign labour dependency

Another day draws to an end.I managed to round up some groceries and the much anticipated Delifrance old fashioned wholemeal bread.
Two loaves for RM5.50.Not bad for some freshly baked bread. When I asked one of the guy working there about the bread, he
misintrepretated my query by saying that there no chocolate filling in the bread.Now, obviously, he didn't understand Malay, so, I asked again in English. "No chocolate inside!", he responded.
All I asked was: "What is the colour of the inner crust? Brown?"I guess that this is a situation that we are facing. Too many Myanmar and Bangladeshi workers in the service
sector. They fill in the void left behind by the locals. As a matter of fact, they are everywhere. Now, there's a hoo-haah
about stopping foreign workers from coming into the country.To employers, this is a precarious situation because no locals will take up the job of a maid, waiter, shop
assistant and brick layers.Not only its bad that you have non native speakers manning the show, the locals themselves are asking for sky
high paychecks for skills they don't have.The steady influx of foreigners into the country also impacted the social circle. While their presence gave many
xenophobic folks that sinking feeling, the business community are taking advantage of this.Can we do without foreigners? Well, I guess not at the moment...
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